Frank Ocean - Pyramids (Official Video)

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This is a collection of garage, dance, electronica, alternative, r&b, and post dubstep


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Patrick Lawrie

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hello those misfortunate readers that have stumbled across my blog. Ok I’m here to write about party etiquette. A couple of months ago, I read a book, I will admit I didn’t finish it, but I got a good chunk of the way through. It started with this guy attending a party - he made it clear from his writing style and outright acceptance that he wasn’t a natural shmoozer. He admitted he wasn’t skilled at small talk and generally found parties a bit of hastle, one may say socially awkward. 

Anyway, he goes to a party. Standing awkwardly in a corner and avoiding the natural loud types and conversation entry points he feels out of place and struggles to enjoy the party. This is just a feeling this author has accepted as part of his disposition.

It is at this party that he has a conversation that will change his life. Another man, clearly recognising this man’s reluctance to join in and let go, starts a conversation with him. They soon discover that neither of them like small talk and decide to have a proper conversation. As you can imagine, the writer has clearly communicated that this conversation is about to change his life, and immediately I need to know and read more. What conversation could possibly change someone’s life? 

Yesterday, I was at a party - surprisingly sober, and lacking acquaintances. This is a difficult situation for many, clinging on to the one person I knew, we conversated over the island in the kitchen fiddling with cups and remarking on the party politics. Having a mock serious conversation, my friend brings up abortion. (clearly not a ‘mock’ subject)  but funny in the context of a faux serious middle class conversation. Suddenly a girl is thrusted into this conversation (by herself). She has an opinion and instantly, we are going to hear it. In disregards to her opinions on abortion, this girl has a very differing view to me on every base we cover. Suddenly I think, wow could this be one of those party conversations that change your life. Suddenly everyone is dancing and the music is louder. We are still in the corner talking. Arguing would be the wrong word but discussing vigorously our views and clashing a lot. We both decide also, we don’t do small talk. I enjoyed being challenged and I was pleasantly surprised that although me and this girl had such different views we could maintain a conversation for about 40 minutes. I realised, no conversation can change your life. You have to change your life.

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Pasteman - So High

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Ha! Awesome “Drift” sculpture by Ron Mueck

Photos © Ron Mueck by Alex Delfanne; via ruineshumaines

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Looking around a relatively busy tube platform, what do you see?

People on mass?

people you’ll have to fight for a seat?

People you know you’ll never see again?

I was thinking yesterday, one of these people standing here is probably a truly vile human being, like disgusting, they’ve done some bad bad bad things. Twisted morals. I also thought, there is someone standing on this platform, who is probably an amazing human being, really kind and sweet but also with an edgy sense of humour, good fun and a caring heart. Statistically, there are great friends on this platform, but we’ll never know.

How can you know? You really can’t. Often people talk about sexual tension on the tube. Someone may be sitting across from you who every time you look up you catch their eye. They’re so attractive and there’s this question of whether it’ll ammount into a conversation or anything, it never does. And that why it’s perfect. because nothing can ruin this perfect mini relationship you’ve formed in your head. All is held is this weird vessel in the underground. the awkwardness of sitting next to, or standing intimately close to strangers surrounded by silence is acceptable beacause its the tube. The energy is almost canned up, packed tightly into a tin, with no air. The tension is palpable. What cannot be ignored is the strange motion of the tube, almost rhythmic, long phallic pods going through tunnels in the underground, you can not escape the parellels of intercourse. When they get off the tube. you heart breaks, the tiniest little crack. All is over.

This attraction however, is based on the most shallow reasons. You want to get to know this person more, because they’re good looking. You have not spoken to them, they have not proven to you they’re a great conversationalist or a really good listener. You want to know them simply because your eyes are gaining pleasure from looking at them. The fat man wearing a weird leather coat, could be the best person in the world. But you haven’t even noticed him. 

And that is the power of looks.

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Obviously in this world crammed with technology and a surplus of social networking sites, from facebook to - our lives are being monitored in various mediums. Even tumblr means we can display images, songs, films etc that we admire. As well as creating an almost online diary to record our thoughts - our souls are completely exposed. People know our hobbies, our interestes, what we listen to, what we look like, and what we take photos of. A time not so long ago, as little as 10 years, networking sites were merely a glint in Zuckerburg’s eye. People were friends. Real friends. People had to communicate in person. Staying in touch meant actually putting in some effort. When someone adds you after a chance meeting at a party. You are eradicating all the ‘getting to know’ conversations when you make a new friend. From just a little stalk they can know intimate details about your life. I like making new friends, I like the sensation of getting to know someone better, and mutually feeling ‘this persons great -  hope they like me’. There’s an air of mystery. Its almost like fancying someone. When you become friends, the mystery is gone. You’re just friends. Anyway, I don’t want to make this a rant about facebook, as I’m sure it’s all been said. Too many times might I add.

No, the reason I posted this blog entry it to talk about followers. In all areas of social media we are encouraged to follow people. ‘How many followers do you have?’, ‘Ah she’s really annoying, I’m going to unfollow her’

This has been extended to the cult of celebrity. The first example I can think of is Lady Gaga’s fans - named ‘little monsters’ as well as introducing a physical symbol such as the claw. Whoever’s idea this was, they are a genius. By naming your fans, instead of just seeing them as ‘fans’ you are already given them an exclusivity, something to make them feel special. Everyone is grouped together, and physiologically, humans hate being alone. It also ensures withstanding loyalty, once your named a little monster, why stray from the crew. This technique is a clever marketing ploy.

Drawing on Foucalt’s idea about groups and masses, theres almost an element of control taking place. By stripping the fans of their identities and grouping them all into a name, mass controlling can take place, yet they all would probably assume they have been given more of an identity.

It’s almost like an apaparatus - Foucault generally uses this term to indicate the various institutional, physical and administrative mechanisms and knowledge structures, which enhance and maintain the exercise of power within the social body. 

Foucault argues that the individual is not something that needs to be liberated rather the individual is the closely monitored product of relations between power and knowledge.

Other examples are the beliebers, one directioners, heartbeats and Nicki Minaj’s Barbz.

I personally find it very irritating and almost patronising. 

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This mix is a bit clumsy but hopefully you’ll appreciate the tunes.
you’ve really earned your friday night out - enjoy!


01 Let me love you [Lapalux Bootleg remix] - Mario
02 – The Zone – The Weeknd feat. Drake
03 – Katy B - Go Away
04 – The Zone – The weeknd feat. Drake
05 – 110% - Jessie Ware
06 – Show me what you got – Jay Z
07 - End of time [Om Unit remix] - Beyonce
08 – Snow & Taxis – Gold Panda
09 – wen uuu – Shlohmo
10 – Kews - Bashful
11 – Feelings – Shy FX & T Power
12 – Acid Jackson – Boddika
13 – Bossy [Jacked Remix Final Remastered] – Kelis
14 – Space – Female of the species
15 – BTSUU – Niia

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